Youssef Sarhan Criticises The "Why iPhone" Page For Disobeying Normal Copywriting Practices

Youssef Sarhan:

Traditionally, beginning a sentence with ‘and’ (a conjunction) is not recommended. This is because ‘and’ is used to link or compare two points, separating them with a period can create an awkward cadence. However, perhaps in this case the line-break forgives.

bq..: I would have ran with:

There’s iPhone. Then there’s everything you can do with it.

I think there is a very obvious reason why Apple didn’t stick to the copywriting standards: it doesn’t sound as good. Also, I’m not sure why Sarhan expects Apple to follow the conventional protocols in their marketing copy. They violate the rules of grammar on a regular basis …

“Funnest iPod ever” immediately springs to mind.