About Me

My fascination with Apple flowered into a writing passion around the unveiling of the first iPad. That's when I started blogging. A year later, I was learning how to build my own iOS app. I was hooked. I have been designing and developing software for Apple platforms ever since. In 2013, I also joined 9to5Mac as an active contributor and co-host the Happy Hour podcast.

I graduated university with a degree in economics. My original plan was to enter the world of finance, but realistically I always loved technology more and started doing iOS contract work whilst I was studying. I am currently seeking new projects to work on, so please get in touch to discuss any opportunities.

Beyond contract work, I develop and market several apps of my own. Bingo Machine was my first ever iOS app and has also been one of my most successful, often hitting #1 in the sales chart for its category. More recently, I launched Daily Dictionary. Discover a new word every day, curated by real people, not machines. I am also experimenting with AppKit: Tabs to Links is a macOS utility for sharing lists of Safari tabs.

I am also proud to participate in the iOS open-source community. I actively develop and manage MerchantKit as an open-source framework, which is used across my applications to drive unlockables and premium subscription features, building on top of Apple's StoreKit APIs.