WIRED Interview With Kevin Lynch On Apple Watch


As the testing went on, it became evident that the key to making the Watch work was speed. An interaction could last only five seconds, 10 at most. They simplified some features and took others out entirely because they just couldn’t be done quickly enough. Lynch and team had to reengineer the Watch’s software twice before it was sufficiently fast. An early version of the software served you information in a timeline, flowing chronologically from top to bottom.

WIRED’s interview is decent with some interesting background, like the experimentation with a timeline interface a la Pebble Time. The real gem in this story is that Apple gave WIRED a gallery of Apple Watch UI assets. I’m fascinated by the intricacies of the Watch’s software design. It is cool to see Apple publicise this aspect of the device in similar regard to how they present their custom alloys of aluminium, steel and gold in marketing. It shows they care about it.