The Whimsical Details In Apple Watch


Yet what Dye seems most fascinated by is one of the Apple Watch’s faces, called Motion, which you can set to show a flower blooming. Each time you raise your wrist, you’ll see a different color, a different flower. This is not CGI. It’s photography.

“We shot all this stuff,” Dye says, “the butterflies and the jellyfish and the flowers for the motion face, it’s all in-camera. And so the flowers were shot blooming over time. I think the longest one took us 285 hours, and over 24,000 shots.”

The minutiae incorporated into this product is incredible. Ultimate flamboyance. If you have ten Apple Watches in the same room with the Mickey face, the Mickey’s on every Watch will tap their feet together. Everything is synchronised.

These details have nothing to do with whether the product is good or not but it is damn cool. Whimsical nuances have been lacking in recent releases of OS X and iOS, but the Watch is full of them.