The Verge Reports On WWDC

The Verge:

The air of drama at WWDC this year was founded somewhat in the anxiety of redesigning apps to match Apple’s new design direction. “I’m excited about it, but I’m also bewildered,” says Apple Design Award winning-developer Jeremy Olson. “Apple is now using words instead of icons. How do we respond to that?”

I’m feeling similar things at the moment. After the keynote, I was ready to sit down and code. However, I found I couldn’t because the new UI was such a departure, I was effectively dumbstruck. Even after reading the documentation, I can’t firmly pinpoint the characteristics that makeup a great iOS 7 application. My confusion was compounded by the fact that the current developer seed of iOS 7 is full of weird UI inconsistencies. It is unclear if these areas are simply unfinished or whether they are true representations of how Apple wants apps to look and behave going forward.

Hours after the keynote, I used the phrase “blindsided” to describe my reaction. Today, that continues to be a good description of how I feel. Right now, I’m stymied.