The 504 Variants Of The Moto X

The Verge:

There are actually 504 potential versions of Moto X — the 18 available backplate covers, from concrete gray to hot pink, are just the start. You can also choose a black or white front panel, and the side-mounted buttons and the ring around the rear camera lens come in seven different colors. You have to pick between 16 and 32GB of storage. And then you can engrave the back of your phone.

A lot of hassle in the supply chain for a very little gain, I think. Motorola has gone with “simple” as their guiding message behind this phone, but 504 minor variants of the same thing doesn’t sound very simple to me.

Be bold, make choices. You aren’t going to attract 504x the audience by making 504x editions of a device, so don’t. It’s just a distraction.