Amazon Adds Free Samples To Kindle App

The Next Web:

This latest edition, however, allows users to search Amazon’s online library for books with ‘free samples’ available. Users can download the sample and read it to their heart’s content. When they’re finished with the sample section, they’re presented with a ‘before you go’ screen that allows them to email themselves a purchase link for the book.

Yes, it’s convoluted, but it also offers a significantly improved user experience for those ‘just looking for a book’. It lets them grab the book quickly for free and, once they’re locked in, offers them a way to purchase it from a link.

That’s a neat workaround, which enables users to at least get a sense of Amazon’s extensive library in the app. Still, it is stupid that these workarounds are necessary in the first place. Apple should backtrack on this rule to, at minimum, let Amazon link to its store on the web.