Sketchy Photos Of The iPhone 5S Box Depict A Visually Different, Outlined Home Button 


Only days away from Apple’s September 10th iPhone event, new photos have come out which claim to show the box for the upcoming iPhone 5S. The same site has also leaked alleged photos of iPhone 5C packaging in the past. Notable here is the tweaked home button design, which appears to ditch the iconic inset square in favor of a ring around the edge.

Well, that’s the “How will people know that I upgraded?” question resolved.

Joking aside, the fact the front of the iPhone 5S is visually distinct from the iPhone 5 is a big deal to normal people. It changes the perception normal people will have about the new phone dramatically.

In addition, it reinforces the fingerprint sensor gimmick factor. Friends will notice people with the new phone and want to see the new feature in action, in the same way onlookers demanded Siri demos when the 4S was brand new.