Matthew Panzarino Takes The iPhone 6 To Disneyland


Both cameras shot well in good light, with great performance in super bright sun. Especially welcome were their ability to capture even bright reds like Mrs. Incredible’s costume (shot with iPhone 6).

Solid, bright reds are notoriously difficult for image sensors to capture but both iPhones handled them well.

Apple has made significant improvements to its ISP (Image Signal Processor) which have resulted in apparent gains in sharpness, color rendition and low-light performance. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the best smartphone cameras I’ve ever used, and approach the best point-and-shoot cameras I’ve ever shot.

I was really impressed by this picture. The red is vibrant and deep and the outlines are super-crisp. It also helps the picture is relatable. It’s not framed or staged. Panzarino is at Disneyland, taking photos of his daughter. I can connect with it much better than the sample images posted in other reviews.