Next Generation Apple Stores Coming By The End Of The Year

Memphis Daily News:

“Our project is the next generation of retail store that we’re rolling out, and that’s the design concept that we have – and we’re really excited because this is going to be one of the first, if it’s approved, that we build,” Millitello told the commission. “So we’re really excited to expand in Germantown and we’re excited to see the result of all the work that we’ve put in to develop this design.”

Other aspects of the design, according to Millitello, include a matte granite reinforced panel on the exterior as well as natural oak tables inside. The store will also feature a changeable display that will include living plants at times, TV displays that change and artwork, among other things.

Funny that these details were spilled in an innocuous planning application to Memphis. Granite walls will be an interesting change.

Worth noting that the Regent Street Apple Store in London is currently undergoing renovation works, so I assume it will also be getting a ‘next-gen’ makeover soon. Maybe Apple will talk about this new initiative at its event next week — we are overdue for an update on Apple Retail.