Buzzfeed Asks Professional Psychics To Decode The Apple Invite


I asked Doktor Lucifer if it would also be possible to do some sort of spell that could make Apple reveal the products I wanted them to reveal (self-driving car? A real full TV?). “If they already have plans that they’ve been working on for years, a spell can’t change that,” Docktor Lucifer explained. “Real spellcasting works in the realm of reality. It can’t change natural laws. It’s not hocus-pocus.”

But he promised to look into things, and the next morning he sent me a cryptic email: “I see now. I can tell u.”

“???” I replied, being on my phone, and in a hurry.

“Smart Tv,” he replied simply. It’s actually not such a bad prediction. I also asked him to make Eddy Cue dance. We’ll see, but if things work out I’m definitely converting to voodoo. Hail Satan.

Funny, but stupid, piece from Buzzfeed where they ask professional psychics to read into the Apple invite image. By the sounds of his prediction, Doctor Lucifer is Gene Munster in disguise.