More On The 4-Inch iPhone


First, we are told that there are different prototypes of the device floating around Apple’s campus: some with the A8 and M8 chips that we discussed in our previous report, and some with the iPhone 6s’s A9 and M9 processors. We’ve now learned that the iPhone 5se is more likely to include variants of the A9 and M9 chips instead of the A8 and M8 lines.

Nice to see Apple prioritising the more powerful hardware. Alas, even if the iPhone 7 changes up the storage tiers, it seems like the iPhone 5se will be the new standard-bearer of the 16 GB curse. I still think the ‘SE’ naming is stupid, especially if it ships with the iPhone 6s series SoC. ‘6c’ is a far better name that reflects the product’s specifications. The U2 iPod is an example of a real Special Edition product, it was a ‘special’ variant of the fifth-gen iPod classic. The iPhone 5se is shaping up to be a unique product in its own right, just like any other iPhone model. It doesn’t warrant a SE nomenclature.