Apple Announces October 30 Event, Held At 5 PM Pacific

Ever since the first virtual WWDC, I have not been enamoured by the virtual event format — it’s just less fun. In 2020, doing a pre-recorded video was a necessity. Now, it’s a choice. Google, Microsoft and others have done a few live presentations in the last year and it’s engaging, even if I don’t care so much about what they are announcing. In contrast, Apple’s events are lacking that feeling of flair and vitality. The novelty of the swooping Apple Park shots has worn off, and what’s left is something quite dry and quotidian. I’m sure Apple marketing loves controlling the message with a carefully-crafted and perfectly edited 90-minute video. I call it picking the dull, risk-free route.

Albeit still a pre-recorded video, I am hopeful this October 30 event will take the opportunity to mix it up a bit. ‘Scary fast’ and the dark imagery certainly suggests they are embracing the end-of-October Halloween spirit, which would be a fun twist on proceedings. It’s also the first ever Apple event held in the evening, kicking off at 5 PM Pacific (rather than the usual 10 AM start). Different is fun. It does mean that I will be watching it at midnight local time in the UK, but swings and roundabouts … I’ll take it. I’m assuming it will be under an hour in duration.

My expectations are proportionate. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is very confident that the M3 Apple Silicon chip generation is beginning, and I have no reason to doubt that. I expect to see the launch of the M3 24-inch iMac, and M3 Pro/Max MacBook Pro. In summary, notable spec bumps, same designs.