Apple Debuts "Your Verse" iPad Ad


Each of us has something to share. A voice, a passion, a perspective. The potential to add a stanza to the world’s story. We were so inspired by how people use iPad every day, we set out to capture a few of these moments.

This ad has spurred quite a controversy over the weekend. It’s certainly divisive. Personally, I think the ad is okay but nothing spectacular. It is really moody and very intense but those characteristics don’t necessarily make a good ad, a trap I feel too many people fall into.

That aside, what caught my eye in particular was the accompanying micro-site for the diving expedition. I noticed Apple had put social sharing buttons for Twitter and Facebook at the bottom of the page.

This gave me an idea. I searched Twitter for the string Apple suggests (“Scuba divers are taking iPad underwater to perform research and save our coral reefs”) to gauge how well the campaign was being received. As of right now, only four people have actually tweeted the page. Make of that what you will.