Gizmodo Reviews The iPhone 5s


There’s one immediate problem, though: The scanner is in the wrong damn place. Why? The power button is on the top of the iPhone. The scanner is at the bottom. When you use your index finger to power the phone on, doing so drifts your thumb up the side of the phone. So you’re left wriggling your finger back down in order to get in place to stick your thumb on the scanner. This wasn’t a problem when you were just using a passcode, since a thumb along the side of the screen is exactly where you want it if you’re going to be using the touchscreen, but it’s an ergonomic trainwreck as it is now. Convenient things shouldn’t go in inconvenient places!

You can just use your other thumb to reach it, but “Hey use two hands to unlock your phone now!” isn’t exactly the picture of convenience. You’re going to see a lot of people dropping their iPhones as they try to wriggle their hand down to fingerprint scan one-handed. This is softened by the scanner thankfully recognising your thumb or finger from weird angles, like off from the side, but it still feels dumb as you’re using it.

You’d think a reviewer who writes about technology all the time would know that you can unlock an iPhone in more than one way.