The WWDC 2013 App


Apple’s dedicated app for its Worldwide Developers Conference arrived today, and it offers a look at some of the sessions happening during the event next week, but it also shows off a dramatically different UI compared to past iterations of the app. The changes sound a lot like what’s said to be on tap for a visual refresh in iOS 7. It also might be a good early indication of what Apple will be bringing not only to its own apps, but also what it will expect from those from the developer community, as well.

The developers of the WWDC app have no insider-knowledge communication to the team who are responsible for making iOS 7. It is possible that somebody told them to design the WWDC app in a manner that replicates iOS 7’s look, but this is by no means a certainty.

Of course, iOS 7’s design is going to change and is going to be ‘flatter’. This has been reported by a myriad of people in the last few months. The design of the WWDC app though, shouldn’t be relied on as a foreshadow for next week’s unveiling. For instance, the WWDC 2012 app had an inexplicable silver theme.

If you want to do some fruitful speculation, I’d look at the black-outs in the schedule, as Panzarino has done.