WordPress Reaches 25% Website Penetration

Matt Mullenweg:

Sometimes it goes up and down through the course of a month, but it’s still a pretty fun milestone that we can now say about one in four websites are now powered by the scrappy open source underdog with its roots stretching all the way back to a single person in Corsica, France. We should be comfortably past 25% by the end of the year.

The big opportunity is still the 57% of websites that don’t use any identifiable CMS yet, and that’s where I think there is still a ton of growth for us (and I’m also rooting for all the other open source CMSes).

If you have a Wordpress account, you should log in and just browse around the web a bit, looking for the black WordPress header at the top of pages. The reach of open-source can be truly incredible. It’s insane how often you see it when browsing, on sites that look nothing like WordPress installs at all. It also shows why it is such a common target and attack vector for hackers; find a zero-day exploit in WordPress and you compromise the security of a quarter of the web.