Windows Holographic


Hologram support in Microsoft’s Windows 10 software is universal, just like their new app infrastructure, which means that you can build once and use everywhere. Microsoft also pointed out that they’re working to help make this compatible with all kinds of emerging hardware on that horizon, including Oculus Rift, and Magic Leap – but they also revealed Microsoft HoloLens, a new in-house headset that will be available “within the Windows 10 timeframe.”

HoloLens is completely wireless, and features see-through lenses, spatial sound and advanced sensors. It’s designed to be a self-contained unit, and it has its own custom CPU and new Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) to work. It doesn’t even require a phone or computer to connect to wirelessly to work, and is meant to be completely independent.

The name is misleading. This is goggles-assisted virtual reality. Still, nothing wrong with that. Best VR I’ve seen in terms of placing objects in the ‘real world’, despite the limited demos. How can you not get excited about virtual reality Minecraft? The HoloLens eyewear doesn’t look too obtrusive either — think ski goggles. Alas, although not unexpected, no pricing or availability details were announced.