Viticci's List Of Wishes For iOS 7 


I know what I would like to see in iOS 7 because I have been using iOS devices every day. Like every year, I have put together a list of new features, changes, and fixes I’d like to see in the next version of iOS. Some of them revolve around “big picture” concepts, some are more practical minor fixes, but all of them would contribute to improving my daily iOS experience. I think the following list contains ideas that aren’t too absurd – many of them have been appearing in pre-WWDC wish lists for years now.

Reading Viticci’s extensive list is very frustrating, because I know Apple will only actually do a small fraction of these changes in iOS 7, even though many of the suggestions have been regularly requested for years and could be implemented trivially.

This list should be read with the understanding that it has a power user focus. Mainstream iOS users do not care about a lot of this stuff, but I (along with many other geeks) do. Apple shouldn’t shun more advanced features from iOS indefinitely.