UCAS Withholds University Application Statistics For The First Time Ever 

The Guardian:

Ucas says that it changed its plans because of “potential volatility in supply and demand” following the introduction of higher fees last year. However, vice-chancellors say the organisation is responding to intense pressure from specific institutions whose numbers are seriously deflated for the second year running and who are determined that this should not become public knowledge.

The vice-chancellor of one university explains: “If you were down 15% last year and the same this year, you’re in really serious danger. The understandable fear is that it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If it gets out, will parents let their kids go to you?”

This is equivalent to lobbying the Office for National Statistics to prevent them from releasing the latest GDP figures to ‘protect’ businesses from the negative shocks to consumer expectations.

If that ever happens, there would be an uproar. However, as usual, the education sector will get away with whatever it likes.