Twitter Adds Notifications For When Somebody Favourites A Tweet You Are Mentioned In

The Next Web:

Twitter now notifies users when someone favorites a tweet they were mentioned in. Yes, this may seem like a minor change, but it expands Twitter’s existing notification system and gives users a deeper understanding of what’s happening beyond their direct connections.

These new, broader, notification types are unscalable (and annoying) for users who are even moderately popular on Twitter, but are great ways of increasing engagement from most accounts. People love knowing their tweets are being read by others and encourages them to tweet more, which is Twitter’s underlying objective of course. It’s normal human nature to relish the feeling that other people know who you are and agree with what you say.

I think Twitter should change their policy around this, such that newly introduced notification default to enabled only accounts that have less than 100 followers, to better target the users for which these features are useful. This would substantially limit the backlash from the vocal few.