Barclays Analyst Thinks Apple's TV Set Will Replace Desktop PCs

Ben Reitzes:

Reitzes, who expects Apple to unveil what he calls an integrated TV set in 2013 or possibly 2014, is concerned about the impact such a device might have on PC sales. “We know iPads cannibalize notebooks,” he writes. “Why aren’t investors talking about the potential cannibalization of desktops from an integrated TV?”

Jeez, who hires these analysts? Forget actual work … who even wants to read their Twitter stream on a TV? No one does. The failure of current “Smart TVs” has already shown that. These kinds of interactions do happen in the living room, on people’s tablets and phones, but not on the actual TV. With the exception of games, TVs are passive experiences.

The ‘iTV’ will be a content consumption device; music, videos, games. You aren’t going to be writing emails on a TV.