The iPhone 5 

It feels a bit weird writing this, as I feel like I’m parroting what every rumour site has been saying for a long time. The iPhone 5 matches the leaked prototypes to a tee: two-tone back, 4 inch display, thinner and lighter than ever before.

Apple did retain one secret, though. The SoC that powers the iPhone 5 remained an unknown until the announcement. At the event, Apple quoted performance improvements of “2x CPU and 2x GPU” in comparison to the A5 chip. I think the only possible chip that fits this description is something based on Cortex A15 architecture. This opinion is corroborated by AnandTech. Apple is usually conservative in this area, lagging to adopt 32nm processes for example, but in this case, the iPhone 5 is ahead of the curve. It is likely to be the first smartphone powered by A15 cores.

I can’t wait to see the benchmarks for this phone.