Apple Working On Split-Screen Apps For iPad On iOS 8


iOS 8 is likely to supercharge the functionality of Apple’s iPad with a new split-screen multitasking feature, according to sources with knowledge of the enhancement in development. These people say that the feature will allow iPad users to run and interact with two iPad applications at once. Up until now, each iPad application either developed by Apple or available on the App Store is only usable individually in a full-screen view.

In my mind, this basically confirms an iPad Pro is imminent. Split-screen will be nice on a large 9.7 inch screen, but the clear purpose of this feature is to make an even-larger screen worthwhile. Crucially, I expect that developers will be able to customise the app UI’s for the split view appearance, maximising usability.

Of everything that has been reported about iOS 8, this is my most anticipated improvement by far. I’ve been theorising about this kind of thing for months and have been hoping that this is in the works.