AppGratis Starts A Petition Against Apple's Decision To Remove Them From The App Store


Last week, on April the 5th, Apple decided to ban AppGratis from its App Store.

Because more than 12 million people in the world use AppGratis, this story has been all around the planet.

In an official statement to the Wall Street Journal on april the 8th, Apple said we violated two of its iOS Guidelines.

But we know we haven’t.

And we have written our side of the story here.

Today we believe it’s you, Apple’s customers, who should have the final word.

Today, you can speak up.

Tell Apple that you think different.

Apple’s change-of-heart was sudden, but any reasonable reading of the approval guidelines prior to the rejection would indicate AppGratis had shaky foundations.

AppGratis executives must have known their business was a risk. This isn’t necessarily bad, as long as you have the foresight to embrace the inevitable when it happens. Exploit the short-term profitability for as long as possible, and then instantly move on when necessary.

In reality, they have just whined to the press and begged their ‘loyal fans’ to sign a worthless petition.