Samsung Announces Fanless 12 Inch Laptop

The Verge:

This Book 9 features Intel’s Broadwell Core M processor, so it won’t get you the blistering power of a Razer Blade or MacBook Pro, it’ll handle most desktop tasks without any real issue. And on the plus side, it’s fanless — something even Apple can’t yet say about its lightest laptop.

I think this announcement confirms that a fanless Retina MacBook Air is going to be a reality. The Samsung Ativ has a ‘Retina’ 2600x1600 display, reaches ultrabook levels of thinness and is indeed fanless, thanks to the Broadwell mobile CPU. Jake March posted that Apple will use an edge-to-edge keyboard design, though, which the Samsung product does not have. Rumours said early 2015 for Apple’s new Air … this ships early 2015 too.