Sakura Quick Math Is Modern, iOS, Brain Training


I like the app for a variety of reasons. It’s a game, but it’s also an educational tool; it reminds me of the Brain Age/Brain Training ‘games’ that were so popular on the Nintendo DS a few years ago. Just like Brain Age, Sakura Quick Math takes advantage of the platform it runs on with a fully touch-based interaction. Through built-in handwriting recognition, the app “understands” the numbers you’re writing on screen. In my tests, I’ve found the app to be really clever at figuring out my scribbles, though it sometimes hung on “4³” and “9³”. However, it was just a matter of getting how the app wanted those numbers to be written (tip: don’t lift your finger off the screen).

A couple of years ago, I was addicted to Brain Training (the UK name for what most people know as Brain Age). This game looks like a good port of those nostalgic experiences, for a console that is actually relevant in 2012.