Heins Says RIM Is Not In A Death Spiral

Canadian Press:

“This company is not ignoring the world out there, nor is it in a death spiral,” Heins said.

“Yes, it is very, very challenged at the moment — specifically in the U.S. market. The way I would describe it: we’re in the middle of a transition,” he said. “All that is in the making, it’s in the works. This company is in the middle of it and I’m positive we will emerge successfully from that transition.”

RIM shouldn’t be in “the middle of a transition” right now, it should have already completed that transition years ago.

They are simply too late. It doesn’t matter if BB10 is the best operating system in the world. Releasing a smartphone OS into the market this year is doomed to fail. Delaying, as RIM has done, until next year is suicidal.

Look at Microsoft. It has taken them two years to reach 4% marketshare in the US. RIM doesn’t stand a chance in the phone market anymore.