Eddy Cue Talks TV In Re/code Interview


Apple content head Eddy Cue says that “the TV experience sucks” today, but stopped short of explaining how Apple will change it.

“All we have today is glorified VCRs,” Cue said, saying the only big improvement is that now you don’t have to reset the clock when the power goes out.

“The experience has been stuck,” Cue said, speaking Wednesday at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

These comments are reassuring. I want Apple to have a truly “grand vision” for their television stuff. It shouldn’t matter whether a show aired last night, last week or is still airing, even. It should all be treated the same. VCR, DVR, CableCard, aerials and IR blasters are all easy ways out that. Hacks on hacks on hacks on hacks. They don’t help create the unified service I want to exist.

Apple is one of very few companies who could actually do it properly. Obviously, a big piece of this puzzle is the need for content deals. Although it is frustrating, I’m fully expecting Apple’s new TV effort will be US-only, at least at launch. Look at iTunes Radio. A good service but offered in just two countries, a year after announcement. Not that I’m bitter …