John Herman On The Terrible Podcasts App


More worrying, perhaps, is the simple fact that Apple hasn’t done anything to fix an app that is so obviously in need of help. The company is not short on resources, but appears to have dedicated virtually none to the app that serves as the sole official way to download podcasts on iOS. “At least for my show, about 80% of the listening comes from Apple devices,” says Rubin. One wonders if Apple is treating its podcast app like it did its Remote app, which was reported to have been created by a team of one.

I agree that the Remote app needs attention and that is ridiculous they shipped it in the state they did. It’s not fair to attribute the reason for it sucking being the fact it was developed by a very small team.

Safari for iPad is a great example of that. Actually, Apple as a whole is a representation of that philosophy (usually) working.