Two New Black Case Colours Expected For iPhone 7


KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo says that the iPhone 7 will be offered in two new case colors which are called “dark black” and “piano black”. Space Grey — as it is exists today — will be removed from the lineup meaning iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be offered in a total of five colors. The piano black is described as glossy and corroborates leaked SIM trays seen previously. Due to low yield, piano black may only be offered exclusively on high-capacity iPhone 7 models, at least at first.

First off, KGI’s general accuracy does not seem to have extended to the names of these colours. “Dark black” makes no sense; there are no shades of black. I’m guessing what he means is dark grey, not wholly black but a substantially darker shade of grey than what Space Grey is today. Piano black is a descriptive name: it’s like the glossy finish of a grand piano. It’s worth noting that KGI does not know (or claim to know) the final marketing names.

I’ve been lusting for an obelisk black iPhone finish for several years. It’s finally happening and in a better way than I even wanted; two new black options are coming along at once. It will be interesting to compare the piano finish with the Apple Watch’s Space Black appearance; it’s the same idea but with different raw metals. I am also a bit concerned about propensity to smudge or scratch.

KGI says that the glossy black will be reserved for the more expensive iPhones, at least initially, due to yield issues. Regardless, it’s a win. Everyone will have access to a new dark grey colour anyway. Plus, KGI thinks the exclusivity window on the piano SKU is only temporary so people won’t be forced to shell out to get the cool colour … if they have some patience.