The New Photos App And iCloud Photo Library

David Sparks:

I sat on my couch this morning and had my laptop and my iPad open simultaneously. As quickly as I was deleting, favoriting, and modifying images in one device, they showed up on the other. These photos are all large file sizes and this demonstration of cloud-based syncing is impressive coming from Apple. After we’ve all made Apple the cloud services whipping boy for so long, I’m actually surprised more people aren’t making a bigger deal about how stable Photos cloud sync is just a few days after launch.

I think this would be much bigger news if it hadn’t been drowned out by the Watch and MacBook launches. Also, a lot of the ‘tech circle’ have been testing the new Photos app for months so the appreciation has been diluted.

I only installed OS X 10.10.3 on Wednesday so it’s a new experience for me. Like Sparks, Photos is a fantastic iPhoto successor and iCloud Photo Library is rock solid in terms of reliability. It’s late in coming, but great nonetheless. It really fulfils the promise of iCloud. Unfortunately, the biggest roadblocks for adoption is iCloud storage pricing and the continued stinginess of Apple’s free tier.