"This Tablet May Finally Help Solve Google's Chicken-And-Egg Problem"

David Pogue:

Its hardware and software smoothness rival Apple’s, and its luxury humiliates the Kindle Fire. In short, it’s possible that this tablet may finally help solve Google’s chicken-and-egg problem. Maybe once it becomes popular, people will finally start writing decent apps for it …

I’m not confident that will happen.

The 7inch size means that scaled phone apps look ‘okay’ on the device. Developers never saw a need to customise their apps for the 10inch screen size, where the issue is even more prominent, so are they really going to start making custom apps for a device where their apps actually are bearable?

Case in point: the Kindle Fire. There are apps in the Fire’s app marketplace, but the vast majority are phone apps. Despite that device’s success, developers haven’t been encouraged to make premier tablet experiences for that.