New Apple Watch Leaked


In addition to discovering exclusive iPhone XS details today, 9to5Mac can exclusively share the first look at the new Apple Watch Series 4. This is the new Apple Watch that we believe Apple will unveil at its special event announced earlier today.

The biggest change is the all-new edge-to-edge display. Apple has been rumored to be working on ~15% bigger displays for both sizes of Apple Watch — that rumor has been confirmed in the images we’ve discovered. As expected, Apple has achieved this by dramatically reducing the bezel size around the watch display

I did not expect that the iOS 11 GM leak would be bested less than a year later. The accompanying iPhone XS name leak is nice, but this new Apple Watch is awesome. Whatever you think about the new clock face design, it’s great that Apple has tried something more radical than just stretching the current square layouts to a 20% bigger screen.

This is information density on steroids, fitting eight (or nine) complications into a single analogue watch face. The complications are also far richer than the current generation of watchOS offerings. The way in which the corner complications curve around the dial is not merely beautiful, it also packs in more information. Weather will now represent the high and low temperatures, for instance.

I love how the next calendar event is inscribed in-band with the tick marks on the clock face. That feels so refreshingly modern and also harkens back to horological classics. This might be a ninth complication that can present any arbitrary line of text, or it might be a feature inherent to this particular watch face. After the initial dumbstruck shock-wow factor wore off, I would be a bit worried that this face is perhaps too crowded and busy. However, all Apple Watch faces let you set their complication zones to ‘None’ to hide them, and I see no reason to suspect that this will be any different.