Nest Is Making A Smoke Detector

Jessica Lessin:

Smart thermostat-maker Nest Labs has been developing a smoke detector that could go on sale as soon as later this year, we have learned from people close to the startup.

Why are we telling you about a potential new smoke detector? Good question.

The device will be the technology company’s latest trojan horse into your home, which it wants to make as easy to control as a computer or smartphone. Think of it as the next node in the home network Nest is building device by device with the original thermostat as the hub.

I balked at this when I first saw this headline fly by. It seemed out-of-character to move from a thermostat to a smoke detector.

On reflection, I was being stupid. I misattributed Nest’s product to be their business. Nest’s business is not making thermostats, Nest’s business is home automation.