Molyneux's New Game


“You’re presented with this white room. In the middle of the white room is a black cube,” he says. “If you touch on that black cube, you’ll zoom into it. This black cube is made up of millions of tiny little cubes. You can tap away at that cube.”

“As you’re doing that, these words will come up: ‘Curiosity, what is inside the black cube?’ That’s when you realise it’s not just you tapping away at that black cube, it’s the whole world. The whole world is tapping away is revealing layers of this cube. One person in the world will find out what’s inside. What is inside is so unbelievably amazing and incredible, we’ll have to see if people crack it,” Molyneux says.

Molyneux is the person responsible for projects such as Milo, and Fable. Whilst he is known for his eccentricity, this latest game, called “Curiosity”, is downright weird. Everyone across the world taps on cubes to reveal the inner layers, like some massively-multiplayer pass the parcel.

I believe this is also his first iOS project, which is good to see, even if this game doesn’t turn out to be a killer hit.