Joel Mathis Argues That Apple Is Too Slow Entering The Cord-Cutting Phenomenon 

Joel Mathis, Macworld:

And here’s a shocker: Apple — which has anticipated this very moment for so long — still doesn’t seem quite ready for it.

I don’t think it’s a problem. They are ready for it technically and strategically — iTunes, Apple TV, the “iTV” — but the problem is content. Apple has been talking to the TV companies for a while now, but can’t strike the hammer and codify subscription licenses.

Until that point comes, is it worth their trouble to release an inferior product that won’t be a satisfactory replacement for traditional television, nor be a drop-dead revolution in television consumption and, therefore, probably inspire a whole new onslaught of “Apple-is-doomed” PR?

Data from TDG says that a net sum of 100,000 people quit cable television in the US over the past year. It isn’t exactly like Apple has missed the boat. Apple has always found the next big thing by being frustratingly patient and conservative, waiting until truly ready. As geeks, we find awe in the process, development and iteration. Consumers just want to buy great finished products. Apple serves customers.