Marc Newson Working On Specific Part-Time Project For Apple


Amy Frearson: You’ve taken on quite a major role with Apple, do you think you’ll still have time to work on these kinds of project as well? Marc Newson: Yes absolutely, because my role at Apple doesn’t necessitate all of my time and that was for very specific reasons, so absolutely, my company still exists and I remain based in the UK. Amy Frearson: And can you tell me what you’re working on at Apple? Marc Newson: Not really! Sorry! Mark van Iterson: They’ll fire him immediately if he does. Marc Newson: And I’ve only just started! Amy Frearson: Can you tell me if you were involved in the watch design? Marc Newson: Apparently I can’t. PR Lady: Sorry we can’t answer that, sorry.

Let me translate. “Apparently, I can’t” means yes, Newson did have input on Apple Watch. In regard to his current ‘special project’, who knows? Maybe it’s just some structure for Apple Campus 2 … maybe it’s for another fashion iProduct in the pipeline.

The colloquial iProduct (to mean any new Apple hardware) doesn’t really work anymore, now that Apple is moving away from the ‘i’ prefix.