Mailbox Is Released

The Next Web:

The arrangement that Mailbox uses for this is the ‘Later’ section. This is a cloud-based inbox that holds all of the items that you’ve chosen to put off until another time. To send an item there, you swipe to the left and are presented with a grid of tappable options. These include: Later Today, This Evening, Tomorrow, This Weekend, Next Week, In a Month, Someday and a date picker. This feature, by the way, is the reason that Mailbox syncs your email through its servers, so it can schedule and resurface them for you. Your email is not accessed in any way while on the servers, but this could provide a hitch for those with security protocols to follow for work.

It is a very cool app. I don’t understand why the server component is necessary, though. I can’t think of an iOS limitation that would stop you achieving the same with a local database.

Also, how does Mailbox intend to monetize?