New iPhoto And GarageBand App Icons Leak In iCloud Storage Preferences


Redesigned icons for iPhoto for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Garageband have appeared in the iCloud Storage Management function in the iOS Settings app. The new icons are simpler, flatter, and is designed with iOS 7′s new icon grid system in mind. They are a stark contrast from the colorful, 3D-like icons used in the current versions of the apps.

Although they look native, the iCloud preference panes — on iOS and OSX — are actually web views. You can test this yourself on an iOS 6 device: iCloud settings will show iOS 7 icons for some apps.

In regard to the iconography itself, I like it. It is reminiscent of the iPod ads from way back, with fluorescent silhouettes.[ It is a nice spin on the stereotypical iOS 7 icon theme of using a white mask on a gradient. In comparison to the current set of texture-rich, these icons evoke a much more playful (and casual) tone. The old ones look too serious.