Two-Thirds Of Windows Laptop Sold In The US Have 15 Inch Displays

The Verge:

In the first six months of 2014, 15-inch laptops accounted for 69 percent of consumer Windows laptop sales in the US, according to NPD data provided to The Verge. (17-inch laptops take another 12 percent of sales.) Forty-eight percent of those 15-inch laptops were priced between $300 and $500, right in the sweet spot (or just above) where the best Chromebooks are already priced.

Comparatively, MacBook sales are predominantly 13 inch notebooks, the 13 inch MacBook Air and the entry-level Retina MacBook Pro. I suppose a lot of this disparity can be explained by the difference in product variety between OS X and Windows machines, but it’s an interesting comparison nonetheless.