Kontra On Siri


… Siri stands as a monumental opportunity both for Apple as a transactional money machine and for its users as a new paradigm of discovery and task completion more approachable than any we’ve seen to date. In the end, Siri is Apple’s game to lose.

Definitely read the full article for a fictitious ride around the “I-wish-Siri-was-the-best-thing-ever” train.

Kontra says that “Siri is Apple’s game’s game to lose”. This may be true, but I worry that Siri will never be “top of the list”, that Apple will always have more immediate concerns, which means that Siri will be gradually sidelined as only a novelty and become abandonware by iOS 8.

With that in mind, return to that fantasy land in Kontra’s piece, and imagine how great it would be to ask Siri for a ‘place to eat’ and get back answers which are customised to your budget and palette.