Kamcord SDK Now Used In More Than 340 App Store Titles


Kamcord, the SDK that lets iOS developers offer gameplay recording and sharing functionality, is today launching a redesigned community iOS app while announcing some impressive new milestones for the service.

Kamcord’s Eric Edelman tells me the company is doing “greater than 1% of YouTube’s upload volume now,” which means it’s uploading more than 1 hour of gameplay videos every minute. In total the platform is now at 14 million videos uploaded by users accounting for a 4x growth in share rate and up 9M videos since May. It’s also now in over 340+ mobile games, up from 200 mobile games in February when it launched official integration for Unreal Engine developers on both iOS and Android.

Twitch announced a competing SDK in March, although it doesn’t seem to have anywhere near the adoption that Kamcord has attained. It’s just another example of mobile being an equaliser for new entrants and incumbents. Twitch may be the largest video streaming platform for desktop games, but it hasn’t been able to translate that into mobile streaming dominance.