Apple To Emphasise Fitness Tracking With iOS 8 And iWatch


Sources have previously indicated that Apple’s wearable computer will have sensors to track and measure aspects of the human body. “Healthbook” could be the conduit for users to read the data that the iWatch will collect. Indeed, sources with knowledge of the iWatch’s development say that the future product is designed to be heavily reliant on the iPhone.

Based on the health information that iOS 8 is capable of reading, Apple’s wearable device will seemingly have sensors at least capable of measuring blood pressure, hydration, heart rate, and steps. iOS 8 combined with the iWatch is said to be able to monitor several other pieces of health and fitness data, but additional specifics are not as clear as of now.

Take the already popular fitness band market, incorporate those features into a watch and then make the watch do other things as well. It seems like a winning strategy to me.

We’ve already seen this play out with the marketing of the original iPhone as three devices in one. Apple pushed this even further with the App Store in 2008: “There’s an app for just about everything”.

At D12, Cook clearly implied that the iWatch was going to be a multifunctional device. He said “The ones that are doing more than one thing, there is nothing great out there”.