Following Up On The 


Teens have decided that Apple is, like, so over. If you want to be a veritable cooleratus, you want to be seen with a Samsung Galaxy phone in your hand or a Microsoft Surface[1] laptoppy tablet stuck under your arm.

This definitive information comes to me courtesy of research performed by Buzz Marketing, as well as three 14-year-olds who tried to rob me of my orange Puma sneakers.

Munster released a study today that says iPhone usage among teenagers has risen from 40% to 48% in the US, and the ‘expected purchase levels’ have remained constant at 68%.

Obviously, Munster’s study could be as unreliable as Buzz Marketing’s. The difference is that Munster doesn’t say it is “definitive” and his study matches up with other marketshare signals — the iPhone is successful. Munster also opts not to use demeaning language like “cooleratus”.