Cowen's Survey On The Demand For iPad Mini


More interesting still, of the survey respondents who said they planned to purchase an iPad mini, just 16.6 percent said they intended it as a replacement for another device, and of those, 29 percent said the gadget to be replaced was an iPad (13 percent said that device to be replaced was a Kindle Fire, and 42 percent a Windows PC).

When I first read this my eyes blew up; 42% of iPad Mini purchasers surveyed see it as a replacement for a Windows PC.

I’m not sure whether this number is so ridiculously high because of a statistical fluke or because people genuinely feel that they could use a 8 inch iPad as their primary “computer”.

I have been bullish on the iPad in general, but I was ignorant to the fact that normal people might be able to get by with a Mini as their primary PC.

If you do the calculations, only 61 people of the total study actually expressed that view; this is because the 42% number is quoted in relation to the number of respondents who planned to buy a Mini, not 42% of the whole. It’s also unclear how the question was interpreted by respondents; “replacement” can be quite ambiguous in meaning.