Matt MacInnis Discusses Early iPad Prototypes

Matt MacInnis, in an interview with Fast Company:

There’s no magic to the product planning cycle at Apple beyond a ruthless focus on a limited set of use cases. What each product does in the first iteration is going to be narrow, but those things are going to be airtight. For the iPad, there were ideas about having docks on two sides. Depending on where you put it in your house, it would behave differently. If you put it on its side by your bed, it would be an alarm clock. But if you put it upright in the kitchen, it’d be a recipe book. Those got cut back.

Although that specific example is a bit extreme, I do think the iPad could benefit from more dynamism and contextual awareness. iOS 7 starts to offer some of this stuff, such as Frequent Locations in Notification Centre and “Apps Near Me”.