iOSDoc Publishes A Mixture Of Fake Information And Guesswork On The A7 And iOS 7


The iPhone 5S will come with a new quad-core Apple A7 processor, clocked at 1.2Ghz and iOS 7. The phone’s design will probably be very much similar to the iPhone 5, getting only hardware and software improvements. iOS 7 will also come with a highly improved Siri, able to “do a lot of new cool stuff.” Unfortunately our source didn’t want to speak very much about this aspect.

There’s an embedded image of an iPhone 5S motherboard as well. Don’t bother clicking through; it’s fake. The character alignment is wrong, the strokes of the 7 vary slightly in the middle and — conveniently — the watermark covers the identifying QR code.

In regards to the other details quoted above, it just seems like educated guesswork. Reporting Siri will “do a lot of new cool stuff” is ridiculously vague and, due to the fake header image, you can’t put any weight behind the supposed processor information. I would expect the “scoop” came from the same source who provided the motherboard photo.