iOS 7 Source Code Indicates Apple Is Considering Native LinkedIn Integration


Further bolstering the presence of third-party social networks in iOS, Apple is testing deep LinkedIn integration for the upcoming release of iOS 7, according to code-based references found inside of the first beta of iOS 7. The code points to a single-sign-on system, similar to how iOS integrates Facebook and Twitter, for LinkedIn accounts. The references also indicate that users will be able to easily post content, such as Web links, to LinkedIn via a share-sheet or through iOS applications.

I don’t think I like this. Facebook and Twitter are universal networks with wide appeal and immense scale; it almost felt obvious that they should be tied deeply into iOS’ core. LinkedIn, on the other hand, targets a niche market that — frankly — not many people like.

Whereas adding Facebook and Twitter felt like a natural progression, putting LinkedIn options into the Settings app treads dangerously close to seeming like bloatware-esque clutter. It evokes the idea that Apple is more interested in closing business deals than making partnership choices which are best for the user experience.