Manjoo On Haunted Empire

New York Times:

Ms. Kane’s primary objection to Apple under Mr. Cook is that it hasn’t given us the proverbial “next big thing.” Since 2010, when it unveiled the iPad, Apple has only made incremental improvements to its devices, while competitors like Google have gone public with their plans for robots and self-driving cars and computerized eyeglasses. (Though they haven’t begun selling these doodads.)

This is a tired criticism, one that fundamentally misunderstands how Apple works. Apple has always created its next big things in secret. Unlike Google and Microsoft, it rarely publicizes its innovations before they’re ready.

Apple clearly positioned the new Mac Pro as a counter to this strand of criticism. If desktops were actually relevant today, it would answer these concerns. Kane’s book certainly doesn’t offer any compelling evidence explaining why Apple can’t execute similar innovation in a different product area.